Dun Agro in Oude Pekela processes hemp straw using the most modern separation techniques for natural fibres such as hemp fibre and flax.

In 1994, Albert Dun became deeply involved in the development of post-war hemp processing in the Netherlands. With an interest in technology, he made his mark on the development of agricultural machinery and the different production lines. Since 2000, he has been working independently on the development of an alternative processing system for natural fibres.

At the end of 2003, the company started establishing a small scale and revolutionary production system. Until 2008, this proto-system served as the basis for further evolution of the current industrial processing system. The installation, which became operational in the summer of 2009, surpassed all expectations. With a view to an innovative agro-industry in the northern region of the Netherlands, this industrial processing system represents an advance in the development of sustainable arable farming.

The establishment of a processing facility for natural fibres means that in addition to potatoes and beetroot, farmers in the Groningen-Drenthe peat moor district can now produce hemp on a large scale. Meanwhile, the arrival of this factory provides an important economic stimulus in this region.


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